Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I am absolutely in love with this so please enjoy as you read along with this post.

I was dead set on cutting my hair again. DEAD SET GUYS. But then I took time to straighten it and now I can't part with it. I am loving that my mom is showing and I still feel damn beautiful because I can go from this with NO MAKEUP to...

This with make up. It is super rare that I do wear make up because I prefer my natural self over my done up self. I am feeling more and more like myself everyday. I am not where I need to be but I am rediscovering myself along the way and that's a beautiful feeling. I have also met someone and boy in such a short time he has become someone important.

On top of good news meet my new baby! She won't be coming home until August but she is a 2015 Kia Soul. I was given such a wonderful deal and I am so grateful to the seller for working with my financial situation. This will help Ally and I so so much with school right around the corner.

I am feeling 1000% percent better since dropping Kristina's bullshit. I have fully come to terms with the fact that she is too much of a child to put aside our beef for Ally. I relish in the fact that I know I can be the bigger person for my daughter. After watching Kristina try everything to ruin Brittany's special day I am fully cutting her off. She will not be anywhere near Ally because I only want positive energy around my daughter. I don't wish to be around people who wish ill upon innocent children all because they didn't win the man.

I have also decided that I know I can be mature enough to say what I have to say to others faces. Everything I've said isn't something I haven't said before. I don't hide behind my words, I have actions behind them.

I have finally buckled down and given Joey a deadline. October 1st I will have my house back. Brit and Damian might still be here but Joey will not. I am needing my space and I feel like October is plenty generous.

I am going to be getting back into a routine for myself. I am going to fully delve into all the parts of myself that I've been neglecting recently and giving myself the necessary attention.

Ally is all set for school, just waiting for August first to register her. I can't wait to watch my sweet princess move forward in life. 

Here's to a bright future filled with new beginnings. Here's to taking risks. Here's to not holding back. Here's to being ME!

Brightest of Blessings Loves. May you all have the strength to be mature and use your words, not hide.

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  1. I love Meghan Trainor!! Her songs have great messages. And you are one hot mama!! Good for you for getting rid of the negatives in your life, everything will be much smoother now :)


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