Sunday, July 3, 2016


Today has been fairly peaceful. I've been able to sleep and relax and enjoy time with Brit and Ally. Still binge watching Once Upon a Time. Now waiting for dinner to be finished while watching my show. I'm really glad Joey understands that I'm not going to allow myself to be bullied nor remove this blog because I have a stalker that won't leave things be and accept that her relationship is over and we are all moving forward. Two more weeks and Damian will be here. Can't wait. Four more long early bird shifts and I get a day off. Glad Joey and I have the same day off and can take Ally to go swimming with us.

Bright Blessings.

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  1. Hope your next 4 shifts go quickly and smoothly! And good for you for not letting other people have any control in your life. I am sure it wouldn't have stopped once you removed your blog.


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