Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fed Up

I've just about had enough. I've made it clear that if I don't receive the help to get Ally's social security card replaced then someone is going to be finding somewhere else to live. I am so Damn tired if Kris or Izzy needs something he drops everything to run to them. Even giving them a hundred dollars that was needed for this house for no reason. He places more importance on Izzy than Ally. He could care less if she gets into school and it is really irritating me because this is something that needs done within three weeks. He isnt focused on the fact that we have our hospital visit for Damian coming up soon. But oh no let's make sure they don't want for anything.

I am not going to have the weight of the world on my shoulders when I am supposed to be receiving help for the home I'm providing so I guess we'll see what he decides Thursday morning because I'm done all the way around.

I wont have Ally feeling like she isn't good enough when all she wants is to be loved and all she has is love to give. You can step all over me but doing it to my daughter will never end well.

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