Sunday, July 10, 2016


Warning: I'm angry and seething. I'm going to vent and then let it go. Prepare for foul language and angry crying thoughts. Also thank mother nature for some of the rage.

Completely ready to throw him out. Ready to pack his shit, throw it outside, and make her come get him. Trying to breathe because the greater part of me wants to wake his ass up and get answers. Why the fuck is that woman's child more important? Why is a fucking check up more important than YOUR daughter going to school? Oh no bullshitting with her in Bowie is the way to go.

Fuck what Ally needs. Fuck what bills this house has. Fuck you're fiance and her son's needs. But please oh please make sure Kris doesn't want for a Damn thing.

Looks like I'll be driving blind and by myself Monday morning since once again Izzy and Andrew come first. Done with all of the bullshit and instead of lashing at him, I'm going to keep to my word and stay silent.

Just hope he doesn't seem shocked when life catches up with because soon enough he'll have all the time in the world to be the great amazing dad of the year he is to her children. Hope she has a plan for a place for him to live or he'll be crawling back to Bowie.

This says a lot about her as well. Instead of postponing plans so Ally is taken care of she's going to be her usual selfish self and make sure to hog him because she feels so threatened.

Does it ever fucking end?

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