Thursday, July 21, 2016

In a Dark Place

Tonight I feel like I'm in the darkest of spots. I'm pushing through these next four hours only to go home to a place I'm not sure I want to be.

I'm already seeing Joey push Ally to side as I knew it would happen. This angers me because she has done nothing wrong. She didn't ask for all of these people to come into our home.

I'm dead set on October that I'll have my house back because my anxiety can't handle this. Whether I'm ready to face it or not there is a lot of resentment towards to overall situation.

On another note, I have a chance at true happiness. I have a chance to start over. I've found someone that genuinely cares about how I'm doing. This is such a strange feeling for me to have but I find myself looking forward to his texts and calls. Even if its just a brief hello, I know he took time out of his day to think about me.

I just hope I can pull myself from this mood by tomorrow. I am not sure how much more I can take.

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  1. That is not fair to you or her :( Hope things get better!


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