Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Not Too Bad

So far tonight hasn't been too bad at all. Everyone at work seems to be in good spirits and after leaving the house my mood has improved.

I found out Izzy is teething terribly and cutting all of hers at once. I had Joey but her a teething chew thingy. It has a mesh net and you put frozen or cold fruit in it and the baby can knaw on it to help ease the pressure off their gums.

I've also opened my home up to Kristina to come visit and spend time with Ally. Joey has assured me they are just friends as I am with him. I am hoping this will help get her away at times from her own stress.

I tried to salvage Joey's good mood but between the attitude slinging, door slamming, and bitterness it didn't seem like it was happening.

The point has been made though that before Damian's arrival on Monday minds need to be made up because I wont have Ally growing attached just to lose contact. It was also made clear that I wont have any involvement in little man's life. It hurts but not my choice to make.

Ready to be off and glad tomorrow will just be Ally and I for awhile with zero drama.

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