Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Okay Then

DI love how maturity will never be reached with you. I never said anything about you living here. That won't happen. I've already opened my home once and seen where that had reached.

I simply offered a spot where you could get away for awhile. Name calling won't get you anywhere. There is no documentation stating that I am bipolar.

I have been working to change my tune and if you can't respect that then that's on you. I'm not stupid, I know you can't help but mess around with Joey regardless if he's with someone else, you did it to our marriage so what would stop you now?

Unlike you, I have the maturity to look past the situation and look to the kids. He mentioned that you were having a rough time at your parents and you missed playing Assassins. Once again my big heart tugged at me and I told him you could come over here as long as I was home and my house was respected.

Ally has missed her sister and he has said there would be no problem with me seeing Izzy. I'm willing to move forward and be mature, are you?

On that note, I'm off to bed for a few hours then getting my day with Ally started. Joey isn't feeling well so drama free is how I am going to be. I sure hope everyone has a great day.

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