Friday, July 29, 2016

Point Missed

The whole point of my post is the lack of consideration to others schedules. The fact that it was just assumed everyone was free to help you.

Joey already said he didn't plan to be gone all day. Just long enough to fix the car and then back because he does have to watch Ally before I go to work.

Also, if you're going to threaten me then have the courage to show up on my doorstep instead of hiding because unlike you I don't have anything to fear.

My life isn't in "shambles". It's a little disoriented but it is slowly getting to where it needs to be.

You are the one living in a delusional fantasy believing you'll actually get the man in the end.

You're one to talk about karma and what it has done. You can't sit there and think you'll enforce karma with half of what's due to come your way.

Nevermind that spout of bullcrap though. Gonna move forward with my day and enjoy. Soon it'll be time to get ready for work and take Ally to her sleepover.

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