Thursday, July 7, 2016

Relaxing Day

So far it's been a peaceful day. I've had some sleep and I'm up and moving now. The new Pokemon Game is super addicting and I've hooked Brit into it as well. Right now we're all relaxing even though his phone is being blown up. We have a trip to the pool planned before he takes off this evening to do whatever it is he does. While he's gone I'll be cleaning the carpets in Ally's room and getting her room situated.

One of the hardest lessons I'm learning right now is to be silent. Being the bigger person has always been a rough lesson for me But watching stabs be made to myself and my best friend just showcase others immaturity and I have to be the example for Ally.

To do this I'm staying silent and focusing on myself, Ally, Damian, and Brit. By doing this the drama has lessened significantly and my life feels much much better.

On Wednesday before we go to the doctor we'll be stopping by the hospital for Brit's pre-op and we'll know officially when we have to head to the hospital.

Overall life is getting better and I'm so thankful for these two days off. Time to get some lunch and dive into my reading.

Bright Blessing lovelies!

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  1. I had a hard time learning the being silent lesson, I have a poor relationship with my Dad's girlfriend. But life is much easier if I just keep quiet and don't start shit. I know if I say anything that is what she wants so now I visit my Dad, have a nice time with him and try to be civil with her because now she is the one spouting off and looking like a fool. :) And it feels good to laugh at how petty she is :)


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