Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Keep stalking and running your mouth. All you're doing is hurting him and hurting time spent. You're close to losing the right to come swimming since you're sneaking over here. You're close to hurting his living situation because you need to brag about shit that isn't even happening. Understand I trust him and I won't accuse. Just because you want to boast about spreading your legs and being a homewrecker it just makes you look bad. Plus you obviously don't value Joey's biggest rule. Privacy.

Guess that's why you didn't work out, don't forget you're abusive and lazy. At least I've owned up to my faults and if Joey feels it necessary to tell you all the things going on then you can kindly come get him and move out.

He lives in MY house. That I pay for. I expect it to be respected for my daughter's sake.

Bye Felicia. ✌😘

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