Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Day Ahead

Well looks like we're all still snoozing. Me? I can't seem to sleep. I've been up since around 4 pm yesterday. Joey will be staying put since I work at 6 and Brit isn't ready to be alone with Ally just yet plus I'm sure Joey is excited for some one on one time with little man.

I gave to say I'm beyond proud of Brit. She has been fighting to recover since she left the hospital. Her strength inspires me.

It feels like a Damn is bursting in my chest. Part of me wants October here now. Part of me is scared to have my rights to Damian stripped away from me. Part of me feels ripped in half. All I want is sleep but my body won't silence long enough for me to sleep.

I just don't know anymore. Soon it'll be time to get Ally and that overwhelms me on no sleep. I just want to be able to sleep. That's all I want.

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