Sunday, July 3, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Thank you for voicing your concerns. I simply said that you have chosen to carry on your relationship by the evidence I have seen. That is your business as it has been and my apologies for ever interfering. I am not looking to seek out problems and maybe if you didn't have it out for me we wouldn't be in this current position we are in, where we play the game of you calling me horrid names, boasting yourself to be the good guy even though half time you stab first.
Now, I've worked a very long night and I will not be removing my blog. It is indeed here to stay as a way for me to update family and for me to know where my own head space is. I am going to bed and would adore if you could have the maturity to not comment on anymore of this as Joey does have another long shift ahead of him. "Fat cow". Is that best that you've got? My dear, clearly you didn't read that post at all or you would realize that:

A) I don't care who Joey is with at all anymore
B) I am not putting myself in this situation anymore. I have offered help to you on numerous occasions only to have you run back and until you take off the rose colored glasses you always will.
C) Call me all the times you want. It just shows your lack of maturity. I have the maturity to talk when there is an issue.
Now forthcoming if you have an issue with anything I post then please kindly unfollow me or have the balls to text me instead of trying to get a rise out of me.

Have a blessed day darling and may your vacation be better than you intend for it to go. (:

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