Friday, August 19, 2016

At Peace

There is only one word that can describe today: Bliss. After Joey left to go run his errands I started in on the house. I am in a mood to purge. I slept for the first time in months. A full seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. No nightmares, insomnia. Just pure sleep. Today the weather is making me sleepy but I am fighting through it. Anything that isn't needed or I'm not told specifically to keep is getting thrown away. There is no need for the unwanted clutter or for things to be held that won't be coming to get picked up.

Tomorrow while Joey is out with Ally visiting his family I'll be heading to go buy Joey shirts since his were stolen and or misplaced. Other than that this check will be saved for rent. I'll be getting my car at 2 pm tomorrow and will be able to drive it to work. This puts us just one more step closer to achieving our goals.

Today is a blast music, burn some incense kinda day. I'll be buying some sage soon and doing some cleansing. There has been a lot of negative energy and its time to purge. My inner self is screaming to be let out and not held back. So I am blessing my home before work and moving my furniture around. It is so nice to finally be ME again.

While I enjoyed my time with Brit and Damian true colors were shown and this isn't a mistake I will ever make again. I've been down this road too many times to allow myself to be vulnerable. Damian and Izzy both will be in my thoughts and my heart breaks for Ally because I know she's hurting but Joey and I both have assured her that Brittany is getting her fresh start and Damian is safe.

Last night was 100% drama free. Joey was able to stay up late on his game without interruption and I crashed with Ally. I cannot tell you guys enough how one night of full sleep after not getting it for months changes you.

Today I get back to my truest self. I have learned so much about who I truly am meant to be and I need to stop fighting it. All of these parts make me who I am and help mold me. With Ally starting school on Monday I will also be starting in a routine. Now that I have a car I will getting back to the gym. I feel better when I work out and I do need to move off of the couch. I have been making babysteps everyday and its time I start jumping in.

I am changing my life and sticking to it. Why is it so different?

It is different because I am sick and tired of people thinking its okay to name call and tell me what I am capable of. They don't know me and I am doing this for me! This is the difference. I am doing this for ME and no one else.

Time to get this house cleaned before work. 

Brightest Blessings lovelies!

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  1. Good for you girl!! I will cheer you on every step of the way!


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