Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Today has been peaceful to say the least. I spent my morning getting Ally time in. I love the clingy moods she gets. We talked about school and how she feels. Then I fell asleep on her and woke up to being used as a jungle gym.

I started our laundry and will make sure its finished today. I was given goal clothes and wore some jeans that actually fit almost comfortably but then was told I was wearing others clothing so I'll work to get into my own clothes then.

I'm extremely proud of myself for staying out of the drama fest today. I haven't let others sour mood hurt mine. Instead I've focused on my cross stitch piece and getting laundry done.

I haven't picked sides. As I said this morning Joey's point is finally sinking even though its late for it to click.

Regardless how the three mothers feel towards each other this isn't the children's fault. I am not going to have a bitter heart because deserves to know and love all of her siblings. If my rights are stripped at least I know Joey will ensure ally gets time with all three of her siblings.

Tomorrow I'll know what time I'll be the getting car on Saturday. I'm beyond grateful to have a vehicle to be able to get to work.

Overall today has been much better. I'm still fatigued but pushing through to make it a good day. Hope everyone has a blessed evening.

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  1. Yay on getting a car!! That is exciting! I hope today is more drama free for all of you.


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