Monday, August 22, 2016

Fantastic Day

Today has been great. Ally enjoyed school and is excited to go back. She finished all of her chores and had a great evening with her Daddy. I was called in to help another store and I'm excited for the overtime because that's going to be what pays for my new couch/futon.

I came home from work around 1030 and made us a late dinner. Barbecue Porkchops and chicken flavored stuffing. Joey scarfed two porkcops and a good portion of stuffing.

The house is cleaned, all that's left is our little bit of laundry which was small compared to how much we usually have.

Tomorrow Kris and Izzy will be visiting for the day to get out of the house and make Joey's travel plans easier. I'm looking forward to having company and relaxing for the day.

Time to curl up next to Ally and pass out. If only Joey would shush his excitement,just a tad. Lol


  1. So glad Ally enjoyed school! That will make things so much easier for you. Hope you have fun tomorrow with your company :)

  2. Sounds like a busy day. But a good one!


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