Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of School

This is going to a blog heavy morning so get ready for lots to read lovelies!

Today my beautiful daughter starts school and I couldn't be more proud of her. She was super excited as my sister and I woke her up for donuts and chocolate milk this morning. Then it was off to shower and get dressed for the day. It hit me in waves this morning that my little girl is growing up. It started to hit when she was dressed and looked all grown up. It hit me harder when we got to school and took her to her classroom. It was funny watching as the realization hit her that she wasn't visiting but staying. We had been telling her but you could tell it didn't sink in until that moment.

One of my favorites part of today was while I putting her shoes on. She grabbed her other shoe and I was telling my sister that she's all grown up and doesn't need. She said, "You're my mommy. I'll always need you." Then gave me a big hug and kiss.

As a mom these are the most precious moments. Here's to you sweetie! Momma is so proud of you!


  1. Happy first day of school to your daughter! She looks adorable. And now I kind of want a backpack like that, ha ha.

  2. Aww it is a bitter sweet moment indeed

  3. So exciting!! She looks so happy!! And super cute :)


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