Monday, August 29, 2016

Good Morning!

Today I am not feeling the best but I am pushing through to get the housework done and then I'll nap before Ally comes home. Overall life has been bliss. Joey works, eats, and sleeps. Shane is adjusting and already made himself comfortable. We survived the first week of school and this week will be all about finding routines.

I've bought a three subject notebook which will be for weight loss and reviews. Not sure about the third section just yet.

I've found a love in cooking again. I have moved my work schedule to make sure the boys are fed dinner before work. Last night it was chicken Alfredo with homemade garlic bread. The boys inhaled it. Tonight the boys have requested Tacos and Burritos. I absolutely love the environment I am in because it's like having my best friend back and Ally loves how peaceful the house is. She looks forward to filling Uncle Shane and Daddy in on her day.

I had a huge eye opening moment and the funniest part of it is that it stemmed from reality TV. I've followed Teen Mom 2 since it first started and while I don't prefer Jenelle and Leah, I have enjoyed watching Kailyn and Chelsea grow. In one of the episodes of the most recent season Kailyn was talking to her husband Javi about harboring bitterness and resentment. She said at some point we have to bring ourselves to forgive. Not for others but for our own sanity.

This struck a chord with me because I have spent so much of the last four years being bitter. Right now Joey and I are in a great place as friends and parents towards Ally. He has been a huge help during this transition into school. To the point where has moved his work schedule around so he can take an earlier lunch to make sure she is picked up from school while I look at options for a vehicle. 

Thursday I'll be getting the ingredients to make my peanut butter cookies. The recipe makes a huge batch and I know they are Joey's preferred cookie recipe. Plus they don't yield a bunch of sugar. I'll be making a normal batch and then a splenda batch for Ally and I.

Tomorrow Kristina and Izzy will be spending the day and I'll get majority of the day with them before I have to be at work. I am hoping that in the future Kris and I can bake together. I know that she could use a break and I think it would be fun to get some tips and pointers from her.

The only nag I have is that Joey sleeps until 11 before he has to be at work. So I don't understand the need for early morning phone calls when you know good and damn well that he is passed out. It aggravates me because it cuts into the little bit of rest he does allow himself. Lately his back pain has been excruciating so when I finally convince him to rest for the night not even a few hours later there is his phone going off.  Now in emergencies I get that but just to gab and bullshit, it's disrespectful and rude.

Yesterday was my first day off in two weeks. It has been exhausting but I've put in 50 hours this week. My sister is looking to change stores and we are going to try to switch stores. Her store isn't in a great neighborhood to begin with.

They lock their lobby at 11 pm but I am wanting to take this opportunity because they would work with my schedule and help me to make sure I am off on time for Ally. It would also be possible to get my hours without having to live at Whataburger.

Ally earned her first week of allowance and I am so proud of her. School is definitely helping with her learning. In just the first week she has learned how to put together puzzles and used part of her allowance to get a pack of four puzzles. We built them together and then later she worked on them by herself.

Yesterday was all about Ally. I picked her up from the babysitter and took her to spend her allowance. I offered for her to save but she wasn't having that. I then came home and got Joey ready and off to work. Cleaned up house and then majority of the day was spent relaxing and sleeping.

Then I made dinner and got the kitchen cleaned up. Floors were swept and vacuumed. Ally was in bed by 7:45 last night. I am definitely going to have to stock up lavender incense because that seems to put her right to sleep and keeps the night terrors at bay. She sleeps more peacefully just from burning that.

I have found true inner peace. For the first time in a long time I feel calm. I am actually talking to Joey when something bothers me. We had the small tussle a few days ago but that's because I fed into people's need to make a show. It won't happen again because it just shows how desperate you are.

I am so proud of myself because I never thought I would get to where I am now. We have a month and a half until my birthday so I will be starting to put back money for it. I plan to get a new tattoo and have a small get together here at the house. Maybe even my first Winstar trip. Who knows?

Time to take a nap before getting Joey up and off to work. Brightest Blessings lovelies.


  1. Kids are funny with money. I don't blame her for wanting to spend the whole allowance, ha ha. She can save some of the next one :)

  2. It really sounds like things are good for you right now and that is wonderful! And I love that Ally wanted to spend her allowance on puzzles <3


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