Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In The End

After an excruciating few hours of fighting the house seems to have settled. I'm not sure anyone really received any answers except a few things became evident and after this post I'm reserving my silence.

1) Everyone is playing the fool and in the end it will hurt more but that is for each to find out.

2) I'm being told that Joey is the reason I'm allowed to have a relationship with Damian and like I told him, if Brit would like be to step back I will.

3) Joey never cared for me. Tonight he admitted that he was still messing around on me when I first moved in with him before we even had problems.

I'm realizing now that I should have listened when other's tried to warn me. I was never given a full chance. I had lost my shot before our journey even began. These are painful realizations but necessary none the less.

I'm going back to my former self. I didn't care about anyone besides Ally. I'm reverting to that and damn determined to get our home back in October.

Tonight broke me but I'll be stronger because of it. For right now I need to heal and sleep.


  1. I hope you feel a bit better after some sleep!!

  2. I wouldn't wait for October. You deserve peace now.


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