Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lazy Day

For the part today has been relaxing. Joey took Ally to school this morning and I want back to sleep. He's been able to relax and just work on his game without any drama which is a first. I'm glad that he can actually take a day off.

Now that I'm up and moving I have housework to finish and a grocery list to set up. Since Dinner is our norm I have meals to get set up. I'm super excited because this week we'll be having meat loaf. We are definitely taking a break from Porkchops and I'm excited to get back into my admatxhing and stretch our money.

Time to get housework done before Ally gets home. On the menu tonight is Spaghetti. Have a great day everyone. (:


  1. I made a Mexican pie last night. Very easy and really good! Today is my meal planning day.


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