Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Not Doing This

I am absolutely fed up with people sticking their noses where they don't belong. Between work, home, and social it is beyond ridiculous. I am not with Joey in any way, shape, or form. We are strictly friends who are co-parenting our daughter. This is the first time in years that we have been on good ground with each so any attempts to sabotage that are silly.

I will not censor what I post on any form of social media. These are forms of social media and I am free to post what I want. Just because people feel the need to tattle tale because they don't agree isn't my fault. The solution is simple: Stop stalking me just to look for some reason to stalk and start shit. Focus on you.

My life is great. The drama has weeded itself out and there is still work to be done. I am keeping my home clean and spotless. My daughter is fed and taken care. I have my brother in-law staying with me to help him get on his feet since there are more opportunities here than in the small town where he is from.

I am working to lose weight and be healthy. It is a process and one that will take time. I am not wanting instant results and I am not wanting to look paper thin, just healthy.

While everyone is staying here I do make dinner. I moved my work schedule so Ally and I could have dinner together since she is at school. It gives us time to wind down and spend a little time together. This isn't some plea to get Joey back, no this is providing a meal for the house.

No we don't blow money because we have responsibilities and everything is budgeted out. I don't post everything that goes on because frankly it is only the business of those living here. If Joey chooses to share something then that is his business to share. I only share the good parts because life isn't about focusing on the negative.

I chose to find my happiness and do everything to achieve it. I don't have time to be bitter. I am solely focused on getting Ally and I where we need to be. Lay off and get your own life. Stop focusing on causing problems where there aren't any.


  1. Good for you sweetie. You cant have a good life or make progress as long as you are focused on the wrong things is right. I am so proud of you and Ally both.

  2. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt

  3. I think you already know I have a stalker (my fiance's nutcase ex-wife), and I feel the same way sometimes. If these people spent more time worrying about themselves, they might actually have a shot at happiness, instead of being bitter, petty, and jealous!

  4. I think when people are always looking for the negatives or making up negatives in other peoples lives is because they don't want to acknowledge the negatives in their own life. Don't let this person bring you down you are doing awesome!!


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