Tuesday, August 16, 2016


For the first time in a long time I've actually had an enjoyable day. I was able to sleep in while Ally tagged along with my aunt. It was nice to get caught up on sleep without any interruptions. Once I was actually up and moving I took a full day off.

No chores or laundry. Just time with the family. Brit and I took the kids with us for a craft run. Its really sad to see less and less for cross stitch. Michaels just opened up nearby so we went and look. Wo only found a few shelves for cross stitch and they sold no patterns.

Ally is at a sleepover. Brit and Joey have gone to shower and tonight I'm taking some time to sit at the park and write this post. Its cooler outside For once so it's nice to just sit and enjoy the beautiful evening.

I have been a place of reflection lately and really looking at the changes that are fixing to happen. I can't believe Ally is starting a new chapter of her life, Damian just celebrated his one month birthday. The season Will be changing soon and my favorite season Will be here.

I'm so happy to have another day off tomorrow. I'll be back to adult life as laundry does need done and the house needs cleaned. For now it's bed time.

Brightest Blessings!

P.S. Next time try Gelato. Its smoother than ice cream and has more flavor. Worth the extra money.


  1. Sweetie glad things are going good. Hey dont waste your money on the new Harry Potter book. Just dont. Go on You Tube and watch a lot of the reviews.

  2. I love Gelato! A new place opened up here nearby and I haven't been yet, thanks for the reminder :) And good for you for taking a whole day just for you!


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