Saturday, August 6, 2016

This Beautiful Life

The last few days have been beyond perfection. Our house isn't fighting, Joey has a job, Ally is finding herself in a routine, and I have my bestie back. Yesterday the house was just the girls and Damian while Joey was at work. Little man had his first trip without mom for an hour. Poor Brit definitely had new mom feels. My house was spotless by the time she was done finding things to kill time. On the bright side it seems like this couple will do nothing but spoil Damian rotten and we have a back up babysitter.

Joey said so far he really likes the job and it's set hours. Today he will be spending a few hours with the kids so Brit and I can get some time out of the house and brave the tax free crowds. We already did one trip at 3 this morning and you can tell we both don't get out much these days.

We are getting the kiddos settled since we all stayed up until 6 morning. Joey definitely seems in good spirits lately and you can tell that his mood has improved as well. I think some homemade food has been partially to blame.

Next week will prove to be a busy week. On Monday we have to run to Decatur and to WIC, Tuesday is registration day for Ally, and Wednesday is Orientation day. I am so thankful that Brit is helping to distract me because I am not ready to fully say that my baby is starting school.

Overall I am finding that my mood has improved. I am feeling more and more like me. Brit and I are finally getting back to where we were when she first moved in. Ally is proving to be one spitfire of a sister and her love for Damian is evident every day.

Well lovelies, it's time for this momma to get dressed and get the day started. I hope all of you are as blessed as me.

Brightest Blessings!


  1. Glad things are getting better sweettie

  2. Hi! Thanks for joining the TKO Challenge and for visiting my blog! Best of luck to you :)


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