Sunday, August 21, 2016

Time to Rest

After an exhausting yet productive day I'm wiped out. I just got home from work. I've fixed Ally's chore list for tomorrow and now I'm curled next to princess ready to pass out.

I had a blast getting to visit with Kris and Izzy. Izzy has grown up so much since I last her saw her and she definitely has her own spark.

Kris is definitely looking pregnant versus hardly gaining any weight with Izzy. You can tell she feels pregnant too, lol.

I choose to leave certain parts out of my posts. Where Joey is or what is he doing is his business. What I'll share as a moment of happiness will be misconstrued by others as reason to start shit.

Joey has asked me to respect his privacy for sake of drama and After coming close to losing my life I refuse to do anything that could be used as fuel to the fire.

Time to rest as tomorrow will just be Ally and I until work.

Brightest Blessings and peaceful dreams.


  1. Bella had a ton of fun yesterday and talked my ear off most of the night until she finally crashed out. Definitely more play dates in the future

  2. So happy you got to see Izzy! I am sure she was excited to see you too!

  3. It's been awhile since they've seen each other. But she reacted a lot better than what I was expecting and instantly went to playing when we got to the apartment.


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