Friday, August 26, 2016

T.K.O. Check-In

Be sure to scroll on down. I am posting these posts on the date they were supposed to be posted. Life has just been crazy lately.

Be sure to hop on over and visit My Stalker Is Fat the lovely host of this challenge.

Starting Weight: 205.00
Goal Weight: 200.00
Current Weight: 203.6
Change: -1.4

For Round One I didn't meet my goal weight but in the three weeks I started this challenge I made many non-scale victories. I have also found a lot of inspiration from reading the host's blog that has helped to remain positive.

The tea I make from the house no longer has a large amount of sugar in it, instead we've cut down to a cup and a half. Anyone that has met Joey knows he likes tea with his sugar but he is trying to better himself for his kids and becoming a diabetic would be a setback. Ally will only be drinking 1/4 cup of sugar in her Koolaide and won't be having any soda unless we go out to eat.

I'm working on eliminating sodas altogether from my diet and getting back into my water. I am still trying to find a rhythm that works but I am slowly but surely getting there.

Next Goal Date: September 30th aiming to weigh in at 193.6

Now is the time for me to better myself. The drama is gone and we are all getting along beautifully. With me having the house to myself for hours in the morning I can start getting up and working out.


  1. Congrats. I was up and down for the last 3 weeks and ended up right where I started. Adding in more exercise and hoping for good results for next weigh in.

  2. Great changes you are making and good idea to get the whole household in on it, that will make things easier for you :)


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