Saturday, August 20, 2016


First off Let me start by saying I apologize if parts of this don't make sense. I smashed my hand at work and its now swollen and extremely painful.

I feel that there is need for clarity because there seems to be confusion so I'll let the truth be heard and then move forward with my life.

Over the last few months while Brit and Joey both have been living with me its been trying. I learned that I wasn't as over Joey as I thought was and there was resentment towards Brit for that regardless it wasn't her fault. I've called her names and said hurtful things all out of anger.

The day she says I locked Her newborn son out of the apartment is a misunderstanding and if we're going to bring attention to it at least tell the truth.

Mention how you were making plans to have my daughter taken from me. Mention that you had said you were going to the neighbors house.

I hadn't slept the Night this happened and After you left I locked the front door and went and crawled back in bed. How was I supposed to know the neighbors weren't home?

I did nothing but give Damian the same love and care I give my own daughter.

You want to talk about forgiveness?

Let's talk about the fact that you attempted to food poison both Joey and I then in the same night tried to come after me with a knife.

How I had to barricade myself in the bedroom to protect my own safety and well being. How you tried your hardest to attack me only to fail.

I may have had anger outbursts but I've never taken it out on the children or brought them into it. Yes on occasional Ally would be home and hear it. Yes in a break down Joey and I did get into heavily and I shoved him.

If Joey allows me to have a relationship with Damian it won't be around you, he can bring him for a visit. For someone who feared their son alone with me, you had no problem letting me watch and spend time with him alone the last month.

I'll remain civil simply for the children. You'll never be allowed around Ally because I can't trust you anymore. Between attempting to  poison us and trying to stab me, you've lost my respect and trust.

I will not beg and show good behavior just for the glimmer that you'll toss me a bone and give me five minutes with Damian.

I do apologize and take ownership for my part in this mess but at least for the most part I tried to help. Providing you with cigarettes, clothes and providing for your son as well all for the small fee of babysitting Ally while I was at work.

Now that things are finally peaceful between Joey and I as friends I am not going to feed into the bullshit and lies anymore. This is my only and last post on this subject.

Now it's time to rest before picking up Ally so she can head to Bowie with Joey and Kris.

Bright Blessings!

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  1. My shower was cancelled due to flooding and more rain coming today. But I'd be more than happy to come keep ally company and bring Bella so you both can see her. I'm sorry about your hand.
    I said y'all should have pressed charges and I still agree but I wasn't there so it is yalls decision. Try to get some rest and leave brittany and her half truths and lies behind you.


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