Saturday, September 3, 2016


I really wish people would learn to read instead of jumping to conclusions and trying to ruin other's day. I said, I was treating Shane. ME, MYSELF, and I would be driving Shane and Ally to visit in Bowie.

There was no mention of Joey. None whatsoever because he has work so I'm not treating him. I don't mention him anymore because he isn't apart of my plans 100% of the time simply for the fact I don't want to hear the petty bullshit for doing something nice so I don't. If I were to treat him to a movie you better be believe his phone would be blown up and the night ruined which is why this was just for Shane and I since he's been cooped up.

This is why I will be posting about Ally, my weight loss, and cross stitch strictly because it gets on my nerves to be happy only to have other's hellbent on crushing said happiness.

Now I'm done ranting for the evening and going back to enjoy my day off. Just needed this off my chest so I don't ruin my progress.

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  1. I couldn't imagine living my life and every little thing I did was scrutinized and drama was started where there was no need of it. I hope that person finds their own happiness and leaves your life alone. <3


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