Friday, September 30, 2016

Ally Selfies

Here's a little back story to the following pictures. Ally had been up all night Sunday having severe coughing fits. I got little to no sleep trying to get her to sleep. Then sleepless me had to work right after taking her to school. After school we came home for our after school nap. I set her up to lay down next to me and Kruz. I put cartoons on and told I just needed a fifteen minute power nap and I would get dinner started. While I am cooking dinner, I found these in my camera roll. I laughed so hard because they show her completely.

Meet Allisun: A sweet, loving, self-less child. All she wants is to see her momma happy and healthy. She told me she took these because she knew we were having a hard time and just wanted me to smile. Forever some of my favorite pictures. For my daughter to be feeling like royal crap and still find a way to keep me smiling just warms my heart big time.


  1. My granddaughter is precious.Love her smiles.

  2. What a sweet girl!! What she said proves you are rockin at being a mom :)


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