Saturday, September 3, 2016

Amazing Day

We started our day early this morning because we thought I had to work tonight. My couch is gone, time for a new one. Now that it's gone I feel much better. I took Shane to a different mall to browse around and he found some stuff at Hot Topic to purchase after that it was a healthy lunch at Subway.

We are fingers crossed getting a car tomorrow. Shane is actually really happy here and we are hoping my next day off to take a visit to his parents house so Ally and him can visit with the family for awhile.

Work sent me a text around three pm telling me not to come in today so it'll be a nap then I'm off to treat Shane to a movie late tonight.

I am super stoked because I've wanting to see this but our finances have been so tight that money hasn't allowed a treat. Now that we are budgeting we can afford to treat ourselves. I can't to get out for awhile and enjoy myself.

I am feeling the best about myself right now. I am in a size 14, size large shirt. The size 15 jeans are loose on me and that's an awesome feeling. I have my family, Ally. Life is just great! Time to relax before we head out.

Brightest Blessings!


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