Thursday, September 8, 2016


I have been thinking a lot recently about Balance and where we truly need to be in life. Where I'll feel like I'm my best self. After yesterday it feels like nobody believes I've truly changed.

I've found a love in solitude and just worrying about me. I've always been a people pleaser and had this strong need for acceptance. I try to always see the good in people and that is often better said than done.

On the flipside I'm done trying to mend bonds that only being drama. Do I want my daughter to know her siblings? Of course I do but at what cost?

I refuse to bring my daughter around the constant bullshit. After recent events I'll never be okay with Ally being alone with certain people simply because I'll fear for her life.

I made a serious effort to show I was willing to meet halfway for Ally. I was really hurt yesterday by other events. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve but that's who I am.

I do My best not to feed into the drama especially when those that post about loyalty and faith in relationship forget that they had affairs. Where is the loyalty in that?

Today I'll be focusing on self care. I have the bedroom to myself while Ally is at school so I'm going to burn some incense and try to relax.

It isn't always priority number one for everyone to know everything. Sometimes silence truly is golden.


  1. Have a great day! Sometimes silence and a time alone is a very good idea. Plus the meditation and peaceful atmosphere will do you wonders.

    Don't let anyone bring you down. You've come such a long way.

  2. Embrace all of you along your journey no matter what it means, how it goes sweetie.

  3. I think you are right about the being silent part. If things you say are going to cause drama and be used against you it would be easier to just not say them. And all us here can see how you have changed and how hard you worked to change. Don't let a few people make you feel bad about anything. You are one tough chick!! ;)


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