Saturday, September 3, 2016

Biting My Tongue

This blog has been about my journey. My highs and my lows. My followers have been the best at keeping my spirits up when I was at my lowest. Now I'm at true inner peace and happiness. I'm human so I do have bad days but overall I'm learning how to cope when I get upset.

I've learned that people will act like children just to try to get a rise out of you. The show of true maturity is just to shake it off and move forward.

Just because others haven't found their happiness doesn't mean I need to let them hurt mine. This goes back to victim mentality.

Here's to a night of peanut butter cookies and cross stitching. 


  1. There will always be haters sweetie.

  2. I think peanut butter cookies and cross stitching is a perfect way to spend an evening!! :)


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