Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Breaking Point

I've had to be silent for far too long and frankly I'm sick of all the bullshit. So here goes a clarity post and at this point I don't care who's feathers I ruffle. I'm done holding back who I am just to try to keep the peace.

I work my ass off every week. I just got a transfer and due to the car being held over Joey's head I shelled out the money to get his truck fixed.

Other than his bullshit check that came in the has no money. That money went to paying my bills.

I don't make enough money to support two other family units. I offered S and Joey a place. I will not give money to help other parents when I'm not even allowed to be a part of those children's lives.

Yeah it sucks that he is drowning knee deep in his own shit but giving him the place to stay was so HE and HE alone could on his feet. So next time we want to bitch don't bring my money into it because then you're cutting in my daughters money and I won't have that.

I'm not going to play peace maker any longer. In going back to worry about myself and Ally only. That's it. I'm done with all of the lies and games.


  1. I never asked for not wanted your help. And what everyone seems to forget is that the car is mine. I only allowed him to use it bc we were together. He started making unauthorized trips to bowie and using it for things he wasn't supposed to. If he's paying for brittanys brat then that explains why once again my daughter doesn't get everything she needs.
    So the truck got fixed bc I could no longer trust him with my car or anything else. And I bitched at him about maybe $20 to go towards my baby shower bc he said he would help with expenses since my sister backed out, and then the gas it would take me to get there and back. I'm sorry you feel that way, but don't start a rant without all the pieces of the puzzle. And the only reason you've not seen bella is bc Joeys been making excuses for him not to spend time with her.

    1. I've told you from the beginning karma would serve you yours. You were always a fall back, never first choice. If I wanted your opinion I would have asked for it. I didn't so kindly shove your opinion elsewhere. I have nothing to say to you after the shit you did to Tina. It was childish and selfish.


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