Saturday, September 10, 2016


I am really get sick and tired of all of drama. That's all it is. Simply just because you thrive it on it. I've learned calming my tool and talking it out works way better than threats, yelling, phone calls, and all of the other petty bullshit in between.

Do we really not have anything else better to do that wreck havoc in lives that are happy? Even if I'm not in it the negative energy it creates fills my house. It sours Joey's mood. Ally gets in a mood because she doesn't understand why Daddy is in a bad mood and then I get in a funk because I can't make his mood better.

Work last night was draining and then wake up to all of this all because he is doing as told. That's the part that always gets me. He is told to get his truck fixed or else and then he does that and it's a problem,

When is enough truly enough?

I just wish people would grow up and mature instead of constantly causing problems and making others miserable because it's senseless and most times doesn't work. I think today is better spent sleeping before work.

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