Thursday, September 15, 2016

Final Call

So it appears to be stab central in blog land and I'm not doing it anymore. This is my final decision, call my bluff if youd like but suffer the consequences nonetheless.

K isn't welcomed in my house any longer. Ally felt safer in her bedroom than out and about with her sister. My daughter is my first priority and I place her safety and happiness above everyone else.

If you think you're still welcomed here even though I'm at work Joey will find himself given 20 for gas and an immediate eviction.

I am not giving him a dime for anything. I have my daughter, my bills, and rent to take care of. He had his check to bleed dry and now it's time to grow the fuck up.

As far as being immature enough to call me out when you only had parts of the puzzle, you have my number. Grow a pair and text or call instead of hiding behind your blog.

Take this as you want but if you choose to ignore it then don't be surprised when he's heading back to Bowie. I won't have Ally's feelings compromised over an adult who insists on acting like a child.

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