Friday, September 30, 2016

Half-Ass Listeners: Read At Your Own Risk

I am so sick and tired of people being so damn nosy. I am doing my best to do what is right for Ally. As a single parent this can be difficult especially when you are trying to co-parent as well. YOU KNOW THAT CHILD THAT YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT. The one that you were ready to potentially put in a harmful situation. That could have been seriously hurt or killed over your need to poison us.

Since you wanted to be up his ass and in his business I'll clarify since obviously you're hearing is broken. I told him that divorce is on hold because MY finances to provide for my daughter are to come first. I put you and your son first when you were living here I.E. diapers, wipes, clothes, cigarettes, vape fluid, clothes, shoes. You name it you got it so you were happy. Maybe not always but about 80% of the time you got what you wanted.

Ally doesn't live a life of luxury. Not by any means because she does understand the value of a dollar. If you want to blow your money by all means, blow your money. I didn't ask for a penny of it. I am working my ass off (45-50 hours minimum) for Ally. I never expected you help out by any means. I knew the minute he left all the weight was back on me. I have family that babysits her and I am grateful for them. I take care of my family. I never asked for help and I sure as hell didn't ask for your money. I simply said that since getting the truck insured wasn't priority number one then if gets pulled over with Ally in the truck, I will be on my way to get her and I wouldn't be held responsible for the ticket.

I also said since you could afford to get out of town for the day that he could stop by to pick up the last of belongings and YOUR MAIL since you refuse to update your address. I have left you alone with him. What we discuss, is just that OUR business. Not yours because I didn't have a child with you, I had a child with him. Sorry about your life but as long as we are trying to co-parent I will be around for the next 14 years. He hasn't made up his mind regarding the future.

Next time you want to publicize information make sure you heard the full story, not just the parts you want to blow out of proportion. This is the exact crap I am getting Allisun away from. Some day you'll adult and come to me instead of rushing to make it public.

To my lovely bloggers, I am so sorry for this drama spout but this infuriates me when people have the audacity to call me out when they only heard a small piece of the conversation. Next time I'll call while you are at work so information stays between the parents of Ally.