Thursday, September 15, 2016

Inner Beauty Exists

It is amazing how quick you can find yourself falling down the rabbit hole. I wasn't looking for a relationship let alone a future but you came in and flipped everything upside down. I find myself missing you while you're at work, craving your texts and phone calls. I love that you check in on me and make sure Ally had a good day at school even though you haven't met her. I love that we can talk for hours and yet we don't run into awkward silences or run out of things to say. I love that you live day by day and take life by the balls. You are truly what love is all about and until I met you I didn't realize just how much I was missing out on. You are my favorite person and I cannot wait for Ally to meet you tonight. 

When I first started this blog it was all about inner beauty. It was all about finding me and throughout this journey I have found myself. I cannot believe in just a few days this blog will be turning two. 832 blog posts later and I think I've finally discovered inner beauty. R took me as I am. He didn't ask me to change, no he fell for me just the way I am. He pushes me to find my true self everyday. I find myself constantly smiling. It's like my whole life crashed and fell apart and I see him picking up the pieces and telling me it's going to work. The true beauty in it all is that he doesn't just tell me, he shows me. I feel it everyday. Even if we don't make it, for now I am at my happiest and I am embracing that full on.

R is meeting Ally tonight and I can't tell who is more excited between the two of them. I've decided that Joey will be moving out on Saturday, I'll be providing enough gas money to get him home and from there it'll be up to him to figure it out. Ally and I both have the true possibility for a beautiful future and my past living with me could deter that. It's time I stop protecting everyone else's happiness and start focusing on Ally and I. 

I can't wait for dinner tonight with R. I know that I truly have the chance for happiness and nothing is crushing this feeling. Life is seriously beautiful right now. No other word can describe this feeling. I am cheesing harder than I have in a very long time.


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