Sunday, September 25, 2016

Life Update

Look at purty new shirt! I love simple outfits and I got this and some adorable leggings for a really cheap price. I am feeling more confident these days and more like me. I don't have to hide my silly self anymore. Ally and I are able to do our dance parties while we clean house without worrying now. My grandma came home with a surprise for me.

I can't tell you how stoked I was when I saw this last night. Target is the place for cute Halloween stuff. 

I love this quote! I have been about taking ownership lately. I know where I messed up and I have moved on from that. When it comes to Ally I will always get heated quick because I have to protect her heart at all costs. She is my little girl and I couldn't get through this crazy ride called life without her. I am taking deep breaths because in theory I lose her for a weekend coming up. This sucks major balls but it's all apart of custody.

This couldn't be more true. You guys know I live off quotes because usually they fit the mood at the moment. I've made amends and if that isn't good enough then oh well at this point. I wanted to be one of those co-parents that can have dinner and go out together but that will never be me. I can forgive easy but I won't forget anytime soon. For now, I focus on me. The more I do this the happier I've found myself.

Another quote I LOVE. This couldn't be more true. I've tried my hardest to embrace R with everything in me. He truly takes care of us. I had a rough day yesterday and he surprised me at work and even though he couldn't stay long it was nice to see him make effort just to stop by. I am truly blessed to have found such a sweet man, 

This crazy ride called life has thrown so much at me but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so blessed and while life isn't always easy, I know that I have the strength to handle anything thrown my way. I am so proud of how much I've changed and truly embraced who I am.

Here's to two days off spent relaxing. Time to burn some incense, blast some music, and get lost in my stitches until R comes over and we make enchiladas for dinner.

Brightest Blessings Lovelies!


  1. You can see how happy you are in the picture, truly beautiful. Love quotes.Enjoy your time off.

  2. Enjoy your time off. Hope Ally is feeling better.

  3. You look awesome!! And that table cloth matches you backround here, I love it! And I am sure with time the co-parenting will get easier. Hugs!


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