Sunday, September 11, 2016


Overall today has been rather peaceful. I was able to sleep in until one. I had a horrendous migraine that even 500 mg Ibuprofen couldn't kill. The house is straightened and cleaned. Hamburger Pie was on the menu for dinner and there is a plate put up for Joey when he makes it home. I've made a dent in my cross stitch today and will hopefully have him finished tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I start at my new store and what better way to start than by reorganizing the store? We will be closed from 6p-6a because they are redoing our tile and while that is being done I'll be helping to organize it. After talking to Falisha yesterday I feel much more confident that I made the right decision. She understands that I put Ally first and is going to work my schedule so I get more home time without losing hours.

The events today were ridiculous and I have learned from Joey that by keeping myself out of it life has been much smoother. I am feeling the need to sleep but I'm fighting it off. On the bright side Joey's truck is fixed so we are longer going to have the car held over our heads and now I can actually see about purchasing us our own washer and dryer for the apartment.

The only comment I'll make on the events of today is that the children are hurting far worse than the adults feel. Relationships were severed for no other reason that jealously. At one point you had nowhere to else go and T took you in. She has taken us all in at some point. So because she looked past the drama and saw that her grandchild needed a place to sleep, you decided to sever that relationship thus hurting the kids. In the end though you'll hurt far worse because eventually they will ask questions and you'll be the one who has to explain everything to them.

Just because a relationship doesn't work out doesn't mean the kids deserve to be held responsible and punished. But to each his own. Everyone parents differently and throughout everything I've been through the last four years the last thing I would want to do is alienate myself from my family. Family isn't always about blood, it's about the people who took you in when you had nowhere to else.

Karma is ruthless and eventually everyone gets served there dose of it.

Brightest Blessings!


  1. I hope you keep having peaceful days. And I hope you have a great first day at your new location!!

  2. This post really hit a nerve for me, because my fiance's kids have been used and pushed around and manipulated for years by his ex's side of the family, all out of spite and jealousy. It maddens me that so-called grown people can't see how they are hurting kids just to make their bratty selves feel better!


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