Friday, September 16, 2016

Pure Perfection

Last night was pure perfection. R ran way late at work and had some personal stuff going so we didn't see him until around nine last night. He made the night all about Ally. She was extremely upset that her daddy left and didn't say goodbye. So we made the night about The Jungle Book, Pizza, and drinks.

R and Ally are two peas in a pod. They both make my heart so full. Ally warmed up fairly quickly to R. I love that R is so patient because Ally was so excited so couldn't make complete sentences. She even ran to get her brush and asked him to brush her hair before the pizza came.

We let Ally break bedtime for one night so she could be apart of family time with us. Sunday pending his job we are taking Ally out for the day. Ally already has him wrapped around her thumb and it's simply beautiful to watch,

The way R is with Ally is how I always imagined having a family would be. He is patient and kind. He listens to her and doesn't raise his voice to her at all. After Ally was in bed for the night R and I were able to talk and I feel much better after unloading on him.

I swear I am going to learn so much about life from him. Tomorrow is never promised so I need to start living in the now and enjoying today. Today R has asked me to relax and catch up rest. After he gets off work we'll be getting Ally and having another family night.

I can't wait for the future and what life holds. I am beyond blessed to have found R. He truly is a dream come true and I find myself feeling like a teenager. I smile constantly and get butterflies thinking about him.

After being in an emotionally abusive relationship for so long it's nice to see Ally and I finally getting our dose of true happiness. I almost let J ruin my day yesterday with his constant bullying but R made it better.

Life is beautiful and I am so happy that Ally and I have our house back. Since R has made it to work safely it's time to get Ally up for school and then listen to R and go back to bed until he calls me. I sure could use the rest. Until later, Brightest Blessings!


  1. I'm so happy that things went well. Hopefully life will start to settle down for you now.

  2. Don't know why I'm being nice and giving you a heads up since you made him leave. But you may want to get a new bank card. He took pictures of it so he'd have your card number and security code from the back.

    1. Kristina,

      I sincerely wish you would just let go and work towards finding your own inner peace. This constant battle royale is exhausting. Causing scenes in public just because he chose someone else. Raising havoc in others lives because they've found happiness is ridiculous. Joey has found his with Brit whether you accept that or not.

      The sooner you see him at face value: A man that is only set out to take care of himself. Using whatever means necessary. You feed into so many empty threats and don't see where you have all the power.

      Either step up and focus on your children or don't be surprised when the police are involved and you lose them. You are focusing more on being with Joey than protecting your kids.

      Now if you don't have anything nice or supportive to say then back off. I don't want Joey. I haven't in a very long time. I have found someone that understands the morals of a true relationship and is willing to give Ally the father figure she never had.

  3. I just wanted you to know he has your bank card info saved. Heed that warning or dont. But keep a close eye on your bank statements if you won't change cards.

    1. You make this accusation without proof? Just grow up already. You aren't going to break me anymore. You were nothing more than the homewrecker who helped me break free of an ugly chapter in my life and now I am moving onto happier shores. There isn't even a dime for him to steal so he can try all he wants. I happen to be smart enough to keep an eye on my statements so if any suspicious activity arises I can stop it. I just wish you would let go already and realize you are always his fall back. He'll tell you he's only with B temporarily until you guys can get a place but don't you think he would have done that back when he was making damn good money? Open your eyes. It's over Kristina.

  4. That is great that R and Ally get along so well! I just love reading about how happy you guys are :)


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