Friday, September 23, 2016

Relaxed Day

After all the drama between work and my personal life yesterday we took a day off today. Ally came home with a fever last night and R immediately came over and took care of her. She really enjoyed the time with him and it means a lot that he cares so much for her. She seems to be getting worse with a cough setting in but hopefully by Monday she'll back to her usual self. Today was spent with cartoons, cuddles, and relaxing. Tomorrow will be stressful as I am pulling a 13-16 hour shift but it should go by fast. I have grown to love the store and I absolutely love helping out the crew. They are definitely an interesting bunch.

We've definitely taken some time to give the apartment some much needed TLC as it has gotten away from us with how many hours I have been pulling the last few days.

R does need surgery but at this time is denying to have it. I am hoping to find out more details. He also has the chance to go on tour in California but would be gone for three to four months. I am so proud of him for having such a an amazing career but sometimes it can be demanding.

I have found me a binge worthy show. I am getting caught up on the first season so when the second season premieres I'll be ready. This show has an awesome cast and I love this different side of Drea De Matteo. Completely different from the character she played on SOA. I love fall for many reasons but one of my favorite reasons is the return of all my shows.


  1. I hope Ally gets to feeling better soon.

  2. I love the Fall shit quote. I wanna do that stuff too :) I hope miss Ally is feeling better! And I will have to check out that show, not that I need to add anymore to my list of shows to watch but what the hell :)


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