Monday, September 26, 2016

Safety and Opinions

R is safe. He has been under a lot of stress and went home and passed out. After a quick talk he's back to work. I appreciate how hard he works and I am so grateful that he comes through for us. It isn't an easy road being with someone who works long hours but I am grateful for him.

Those hours without communication were the worst but I feel much better knowing he is safe.

This is all I will say then I am going back to what I've been doing which is focusing on my journey. I never gave up on J. If I had given up on him I wouldn't have came back so many times. The fight that happened fresh into our marriage was over him asking for money when I didn't have it. I did kick him out of anger and I fully expected us to cool our tool and talk it out. Instead he ran to Bowie to be with K. K can tell you of the videos and pictures that were taken as evidence.

A dime? He never has money and I have never been greedy enough to beg for his money. I ask for money for his daughter. For the longest time I kept receipts showing that the money that was given went straight to Ally. He helped with Rent, that was paid back within two weeks. I gave him close to 300 for his truck, he paid 106 in total for the bills in return for the money I gave him. His citation wasn't on me, he told me he had the headlight fixed. Not that he went down there to pick up Shane and spend time with B.

I have owned up to what I did but every single fucking time he said he wanted to fix our marriage I came home. EVERY TIME. Ask his family how many times I came back after saying this was the last time. He created his own monster the day he stopped taking responsibility for his actions and started blaming everyone else.

We fought and argued because that was where our relationship pushed us. We were once happy but then the affairs started. Then the lies started. 

Yes I called B his bitch today but not as an insult to her. She acts the part of the old lady and does as needed but for her to be the old lady that would mean that she gets treated as such in return. How are nudes, lies, deceit, and all of the other crap being treated as an old lady? Not my business but I felt the point needed to be clear.

It would show that you defend him because you are one in the same. You were quick to try to end my life over jealousy that was false. And now you want to be around my daughter. I will never trust you to be alone with her after what you did in my house. You can defend him all you want but I will always protect my daughter.

Almost two weeks and he hasn't once called to ask about his daughter. You can pretend to be perfect all you want but you are prime example of why I am fighting to get my daughter away from there. The only reason I am okay with her visiting is for T, J Sr, Shane, and Rusty. Also because T has assured me this is her weekend off and Ally won't leave her side.

 I already know as history shows J will be on his game and in the bedroom with you the majority of the time. She'll come early as she usually does. R and I will be left to fix the damage. Same song, third verse.

This is all I am saying. Now I am off to cuddle with my daughter and relax.

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