Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Here comes a rant ladies and gents. I am so frustrated and over people who think they know what they are talking about when they don't have a damn clue.

I am absolutely amazed at how stupid people are. You think you're making a stab at me? How so? 

You are with a married man. A man who has three women with his children. One of which is due in a matter of weeks. You play this role of pity party so well I am not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for you. Nobody is trying to make you insecure. You do that all on your own.

Joey doesn't sleep alone so of course he'll lay with you. Yes you have a son together. Nobody has bothered you, yet you are the one that just has to crawl to social media looking for someone to care about your life. Well guess what, nobody cares anymore.

If you decided to quit your job then you are fucking yourself. Joey took a job to provide for his children. Do you really think that money is going towards you? He has three other children to care for. He owes $1,300 in back child support and that's only increasing.

Just because you are lazy and would rather sit on your ass than work as hard as you say do doesn't mean anyone gives a shit. Wake up call honey, we moved on and exited your drama party. The only reason why you have to get a DNA test is because you are still married yourself and have to fight to get Joey his rights as the father.

WAKE UP. He is playing you. Do you not realize he did the very same things he is doing for you for Kris? He made the SAME promises, wore a ring, and making promises for a future that won't happen. He has had the money time and time again but chooses not to file the divorce. 


The only reason you have an open door policy is because you don't trust him. You have to have access to his phone because you're worried he is still receiving nudes and having sex behind your back. There is zero need to be connected other than your need to be in his business. Nobody stirred shit, you went through messages that you had no business going through.

If anybody needs to talk about jealousy it's you. I have somebody that shows me rather than tells me. He shows me that he is here. When I need him, he is here. He is working his ass to provide a solid future for Ally and I. We don't fight but talk things out.

He spends time with me and Ally. He puts us first. He is a family man with his own children. He has stepped up and shown me. I am sorry that you're life isn't working out but making a post to stab at me does you zero good.



I haven't tried to be Joey and I don't want to be. I have everything I want right now. I am being taken care of and that is more than you can say. So please take your sob story to somebody that cares and quit looking for a reaction.

You chose to isolate yourself for false promises. A man can speak a thousand words but unless there are actions behind that it won't do any good. I am surrounding myself with good people. I have found a friend in Kris. I have a great job with awesome employees. My life couldn't be better so please find your happiness.

This is exactly why I started weeding out who I talk to and what I read because of crap like this, I know life isn't going to perfect but right now it is pretty damn close and I couldn't be more excited about where it is taking us. 

Back to my journey full of love, positivity, and a great community. May your day be as great as mine has been.

Brightest Blessings Lovelies.

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