Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching Up

Hello lovelies! I feel like I've been a stranger to blogging lately. I guess pulling insane hours will do that you. So far I am up to 36 hours and I still have two days to go. This is going to be one beautiful check and I am so happy. I will be finally caught up on bills and we'll be on the right the track. I am so happy to be caught up.

Today I went to see about some furniture and got a fantastic deal! I am getting a Queen bed with the headboard and rails included for $100 and also a washer/dryer for $100. I am so STOKED. Also, since I'll be all caught up I am also treating myself to a night out for my birthday. I am planning on getting a new tattoo and Ally her Halloween costume. This year we are taking her as Belle!

I have made a renewed friendship with someone that has become very dear and they said something that really stuck with me today as far as the stabs being made towards me, "She simply wants to piss you off. That's it. Nothing more. Trying to keep that mindset doesn't work but also showing her that she met her goal, only makes her happy." This is absolutely true which is why I am not paying any mind.

I know I am taking care of my daughter and if everyone else cared then they wouldn't smoke in the house for two days because it isn't good for Ally. Since that can't happen I have to do what is necessary as her mother to protect her. Simple.

Ally has been terribly ill the last few weeks. The Friday before her weekend visit we thought we had killed it but over the weekend we were back to square one. We went to the doctor and found out she has beginning stages of Asthma. This mixed with her allergies makes for a miserable time. There is nothing worse than your small child being a slew of medicines just to try to get her to where she feels better.

She has an allergy pill, nasal spray, cough syrup, and her breathing treatments. Not to mention the medicine for her hands to help her Excezma which thankfully isn't too severe and we were able to catch early enough.

Unfortunately it looks like her visits to see her father will have to be cut short for right now because the conditions there make her flare up worse. I am still trying to find a middle ground that works for everyone but so far it's a battle because it appears he has to be at home 24/7.

The breathing treatments have made a world of difference and she's definitely been feeling more like herself which is awesome news for me. She slept through the night last night without a cough in site. I was so relieved that she was able to actually rest.

I have been purging the house and detail cleaning today. I've napped while Ally was at school but I am right back into it. I have the last of J and B's crap together and I have given him until the end of next week to retrieve his things before they are donated to goodwill. 

The bedroom is ready for our new bed next week and laundry is going.

So far I feel like an accomplished bad ass today. 

I've kept in contact with R and checked in throughout the day. It really is refreshing to have someone that puts us as priority number one. Even though he is working his ass off he still finds time to tell us he misses and loves us. I have found exactly what I wanted and I am so glad that I am not being abused anymore but taken care of instead.

My sister is on her way over for a gals night. Macaroni and Hotdogs for dinner followed by baking cookies because I am Betty Crocker up in this bitch. I am so glad for two days off back to back because they are very much needed.

Time to shower and get cute for myself. Brightest Blessings Lovelies, may your life be as fantastic as mine. (:


  1. You go girlie. Have fun with your sister tonight

  2. Glad to hear you got some answers about Ally's health! Hope you and your sister had a fun night :)


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