Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fantastic Day

I had a blast yesterday. We started off the day off with paying bills, getting laundry started, and then heading out to grab some breakfast. We went to my job where Ally charmed the pants off my Whatafamily. After Breakfast it was off to go Garage Sale Hopping. I will be posting some pictures tomorrow afternoon of the stuff we got. Mostly clothes and nail polish but I did come across this beautiful skull that the owner bought in San Antonio.

We went and grabbed my brother and invited him along. Then it was off to more garage sales. Most of them were a bust but it was fun just to get out of the house. After we wrapped up we grabbed lunch. Then it was off to Target where we tried on costumes to help Ally get a better idea of what she wanted to be this year. Update: We are still undecided.

We rented two movies to watch at the house. We chose The Other Guys and Popstar. Popstar was hilarious but The Other Guys was a bust. I baked cookies and visited with my bestfriend before he had to leave for work.

Afterwards my little brother kept me kept company while I deep cleaned the bedroom. We are ready for Saturday to get here and us to get our own bed.

There was a minor spurt but I've blocked numbers and kept things strictly to Ally. Not to mention R said some stuff that is absolutely true.

Overall a great day and I can't wait for many more.


  1. Sounds awesome! I love garage saleing :)

  2. I love garage sales too. I have wanted to see Pop Star! Glad you mentioned it and that it's funny.


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