Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Halloween Haul

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the things Halloween. This is the season when I feel my truest self and I feel at my best. I've had an off few days but today I definitely feel way better. So onto my Halloween haul. Finances have been tight and I am glad to see Dollar stores offering more of a selection. Dollar Tree and Target are my main stops for my mini haul.

Only a dollar at Target.

Ally posing with our new magnets. A dollar at Dollar Tree.

Skeleton Garland at Dollar Tree.

Pot Holders at Dollar Tree

The beginning of our wall. Close ups below.

Halloween Gets Me All Unhinged. 5 Dollars at Target.

The Witch Is In from Dollar Tree.

No Bones about it I'm working the graveyard shift tonight from Dollar Tree.

My new lighter to burn my incense from Dollar Tree.


  1. Love the decorations and Ally is so pretty.

  2. Great haul. I really want to buy a few new things this year but downsizing from a 1200 square foot house to a tiny 200 square feet has put a stop to anything new right now.

  3. Great haul!! I love Halloween decorations :)

  4. I love Halloween! I have to take a deep breath and not go broke buying decorations.


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