Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Relaxing Evening

My awesome parents kept Ally until 6 tonight. The matience team decided to do some type of very loud work outside my building and that woke me up out of the blue. But other than that I have caught up on some sleep.

Ally has lost her voice and we are definitely making a phone call tomorrow to call the doctor's office. I was hoping she would be feeling better but curled up in bed with a movie tells me otherwise. It feels like everything we did to get her better over the last the three weeks has been destroyed over one weekend. I am also having them look into seeing if this is Asthma related because her symptoms seem like they are triggered from all the smoke she was around this past weekend.

Tomorrow her school has a meeting so I'll be leaving work early to attend. After school we'll be getting caught up on her homework for the month. I am beyond exhausted but I am so glad I have the best cheerleader around. My mom told me today that Ally sat through an entire Junie B. Jones book and was really interested. They were some of my favorite books as a child and I am so excited to start reading them to her. She is such a talented little girl.

I will always do what is right for her. I am trying to balance being a single mom and everyday it gets a little easier. I have an awesome support system and we are slowly getting the house in order. Hopefully finances will ease up and I won't have to keep pulling insane hours just to make ends meet. Not everything is going to be perfect but a special someone called to let me know to find the silver lining and to tell me that orange isn't my color.

I am going to vent for a second then I am going to simply move on. You can't force someone who doesn't see an issue in their actions to change. 

Nobody asked you to sensor yourself. It was simply asked that pictures of my daughter come down. I told Joey that I would be suck it up and let the ones with family remain but the one that was just of her needed to come down. Why? Because she isn't your child or your family so there is no need for their to be pictures of Ally up on your blog. You may his "old lady" but you are not his wife and therefore have no relationship with my daughter.

Nobody made me follow your blog. The blogs I read and follow I do completely on my own. Simply because of the stupid shit like posting pictures of my daughter that I didn't give permission to you to do.

I don't care about your so called relationship. Sleeping with someone doesn't constitute a relationship. A relationship would mean that you both work at it. When one member is clearly miserable to the point that they don't want to return home, obviously there isn't much of a relationship to begin with. I don't pay your bills but because you needed to invest in a carton of cigarettes to get through two weeks, that left Joey with no gas money to return home. Then you make threats because he wanted to visit his other daughter. So I had to step up and give him money to get home and make sure he made it where he needed to go.

I don't place my nose in your business but when Joey comes to me to vent about your psychotic tendencies I am there as his friend. Yes, this past weekend was rough but we talked it out Monday when we dropped Ally off and we are on the same page. One that doesn't involve you.

Since when did race come into this? Just because you are white doesn't give you any sense of entitlement. I don't have to post every detail of my love life because that is between R and I. I post what I want about my life and where it is heading. Sometimes that does include a tidbit about R. 

No life? I have a life outside of work. I don't choose to be a hermit. Unlike you, I am not settling for living with other people. I choose to show my daughter that you can be on your own, pay your bills, and make it sucessfully. While you creep by and have no concern for how your actions effect others I choose to take care of my daughter.

My life is just that. My life. Joey opened up the window to be there. He was the one that told me to come to him if I was upset and needed someone. Just because you are controlling him with his phone doesn't mean anything. It just shows your insecurities and lack of trust. A real relationship doesn't require you have to be like white on rice with your spouse's phone. You trust that they are doing what they say they are.

Just because you are jealous because your relationship is false doesn't give you any right to keep posting about mine. I am sorry that your life sucks so horribly you have to resort to finding flaws in mine. My life isn't in shambles. I had a moment of weakness and came to my so called friend and you used that against me.

I have made plans to get you away from Ally and ensure her happiness and well being. I am glad she got time with her family (Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle S, and her Daddy.) Her spending time with you is irrelevant because you are temporary.

And changing your name doesn't make you his wife. It just makes you look desperate. So move on.


  1. Oh man I'm dying. You go girl! As for ally, gosh I hope she feels better very soon. Her being sick for so long can put a damper on your spirits.

  2. Awe!!! Poor Ally! I hope she is feeling better soon!

  3. I don't know what this other person did or even who it is, but if she is checking his phone, there is no real relationship there. She already knows she can't trust him or that he is not loyal to her. I imagine that is where a lot of the apparent vitriol is coming from: defensiveness, jealousy. Either way, it's not your responsibility. My fiance's ex acts out and lashes out and does a song and dance every time she isn't getting her way, and I'm so over-exposed to that kind of nonsense that I yawn and go on with my life. People like that never get tired of it, though, as you probably already realize.


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