Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Special Surprise

Tonight I was treated to a surprise visit from R. It was really special to get to see him and I really enjoyed the time I got with him. I found out he'l be leaving in two days for California. He has pushed this trip off as far as he can but unfortunately he is longer able to push. We didn't get long with each other before work starting blowing up his phone wanting to know where he was at since he only left for a 30 minute break which turned into more of an hour or so break.

I know he is nervous about leaving but we've talked over everything and he knows I back him. He knows I have him same has he has me. We aren't always able to talk because of his job so it is nice when I hear from him.

I am so thankful to have a man that treats Ally and I right. One who understands the value of hard work and providing for your family. He shows me through actions that he is here long term and that we have a future coming our way.

Today turned out to be a pretty awesome day. This tired momma is off to catch some sleep before work. I love that my life is getting better. I cannot wait for this weekend. I am getting some much needed time with friends for my birthday and also getting my hair done. Here's to 24, may it be way better than 23.                                                  

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