Sunday, November 6, 2016

First Week

Well I did it. I survived my first week as a manager in training. This first week was spent sharpening my skills and making sure I am doing things by the book. I definitely learned a few things I didn't know and also have some knowledge to bring back to my unit when I go back. It has definitely been tough getting used to long hours every day but the paycheck will make Christmas worry free.

I am excited that I have had the chance to be at one of our most successful stores and see how it runs so smooth. There are definitely things I want to implement when I get back. I miss my crew but I am so glad that I am able to move forward in my career.

My parents helped me set up a budget so I can start getting my finances in better control. I am hoping to have a car by Christmas if not sooner. For once I feel like I can breathe and things are getting more manageable.

The future is still very much up in the air. R's father had a heart attack and is in the hospital. So far that is all I have heard. R still hasn't left for California so I am not sure if that is still in play or not. I am getting the paperwork drafted for my divorce to be finalized and to final bring that chapter to a full close. I sent Joey the last of the pictures I had and I deleted them from my albums.

I've been sick the last few days and I still don't know what is causing it. I have my suspicions but nothing is for sure yet. Only time will tell if I'm right.

Now that Ally is dead asleep it is time for a hot bath before heading to bed myself. 

Brightest Blessings Lovelies. 


  1. Glad things are going good for you and I hope his dad is ok.

  2. Good for you! I bet it feels so nice to be getting all your stuff in order :) Hope R`s father has a speedy recovery!


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