Friday, November 4, 2016

Fun Fact


Did you guys know I don't truly don't care what others think, say, or assume about me.


 Because They don't know me. They don't know my struggle or what has made me the way I am. Threats do nothing because they are empty. I have moved on with my life and worked hard to be the accomplished person I am today. A year ago I was picking my life up from the floor. Today I have made strides to provide a better life for my family. While others have to falisfy their lives I know what I post is 100% truth. I know that I am not bumming off of others to provide my future.

I spent too much time focusing on what other's think of me. I spent too much of my time trying to please others and all it did was drag me down. It exhausted me trying to make others happy so I shifted my focus to Ally and myself only. It made my life a 360 turn around.

I know that I am working hard for my daughter. I know that my daughter will look back when she's older and be proud of me because she grew up and saw mom working her ass off.

So please continue to act like a child and create unecessary drama. As for myself? I am going to focus on my journey of being more positive and getting this promotion locked down.

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  1. Good for you!! Some people need to worry more about their own life and and less about other people's. You are doing great and that is all that matters! :)


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