Monday, November 7, 2016

Late Night Conversations

R called me just a little bit ago. His father had the first of three surgeries. The first being a triple bypass. The doctor's said this was the one to worry about it and he made it through. The next two are supposed to be a breeze as long as his body responds well. He is in for the second surgery as we speak so please send all of your positive juju his way.

Tonight R blew me away. Even though the focus should be on him right now and all support to be thrown his way he wanted to make sure Ally and I were okay. We have been so hit and miss because of our jobs that communication has been lacking between us.

Tonight he apologized and reassured me of his love for me. Told me that things will start to get better, We had a small talk about our future and I was told many times over how much he loved me. I have days where his job angers me but at the end of the day I am calm because I know he is doing what is necessary to provide for his family.

In such a short amount of time this man has become my rock, I lean on him all the time and he always reminds me of my own strength. He always pushes me forwards. He knows just want I need to hear or what he needs to say.

I am truly blessed to have this man in my life. I am so happy that Ally is attached to him as well. It will be hard to see him leave but I know it's because he is doing what is needed to provide for his family and I can't wait for us to become permanent and start our lives.

For now though it's time to get in some more sleep. Six comes early.

Goodnight Lovelies and Brightest Blessings

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