Thursday, November 3, 2016


So far everything has been going really good for me. I am taking some advice from my mom to heart and that has helped me immensely. I have been feeling really sick this last week and I still don't know what is causing it.I just know I feel like crap and I'm constantly exhausted.

My heart is breaking for my ex and his family. There isn't much I can do but let them know that they are in my thoughts. I was all set to once again give up my freedom so he had a place to go but he doesn't want his son to be without a home. After everything that happened with Brittany I will never feel safe living with her again and the jealousy isn't worth it. I hate that I feel this way but I don't see us ever clearing the air.Plus I refuse to support three mouths to feed without support. I was asked to do a few things for Joey and that is done.

Manager in Training has been rough but I am learning so much that I can bring back to my store. Even though this is exhausting I know this setting Ally and I up for success. This raise came at the best time and I am so stoked because this will set us up to not have to stretch paycheck to paycheck. Christmas will be great for us and at the beginning of December we'll start looking for us a tree.

We've started looking around for apartments because in February in our lease will up. We may end up moving in with R but nothing is set in stone. There is also the possibility that we'll be moving to California and marriage has been in the air but everything is a waiting game. With or without R I have a plan for success.

Overall life has been pretty awesome and I am thankful I don't have to lie about my life to feel better about myself. I know my life is pretty great and I am thankful for everyone in it. I know that the next few months will bring greatness for us.

For now, it's time for showers and bed. Morning comes early. Goodnight and brightest blessings lovelies!

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  1. You have lots of good things going in your life, you don't need to back pedal by letting them in again. I know it must have been hard to say no but you have to worry about you. Hugs!


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